Parla Piano 2 - Rik Van Colen

Parla Piano 2 (M) Renzo Ex Machina

The new parliament, designed by Renzo Piano, has caused a plot twist in the story of this historic city – Valletta, Malta.

It is so lovely to enter Valletta these days. As I walk into the City, past the parliament and onward, I see the whole city in a new light.

Within the half hour that follows sunset, there is a 10 to 15 minute window when this photograph can be captured. Earlier, the sky is too bright, later, too dark. This view required a particular density and movement of clouds. It took four attempts. Four times I purposely drove to Valletta, set up my tripod and waited for the light to drop to just the right level. On the first three attempts, at that particular time, the clouds and the light were just not quite right. On the fourth try, it all came together.

Award, Exhibition & Publication

Honourable Mention at the Malta National Photographic competition, 2015

Was exhibited at the 50th National Photographic Exhibitionfrom 4th December 2015 until 10th January 2016.

Published in the Fine Art Urban Nature Issue of Camerapixo (Page 77)

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