Leaving Port - Rik Van Colen

Leaving Port

As it leaves the Grand Harbour of Malta, the hull of a ship blends with the sea, foretelling its disappearance over the horizon.

Shipping barely leaves a trace on our contemporary consciousness. Ships, and the people on them, are almost  invisible.

On a chilly November evening in 2014, standing on the Siege Bell Memorial holding my tripod, I saw a ship leaving port.

My mind began racing and an idea steadily started to form, "That's a diagonal, in a square. Lock tripod. Continuous drive. 10 seconds f8 ought to do it. Here it comes... no time for a test shot. Lock down the shutter, fingers crossed, it ought to be ok."

Awards, Exhibition & Publication

My most awarded image yet.

My first international award was with this image, an Honourable Mention at the Monochrome Awards, 2014.

Honourable Mention at the International Photography Awards (ipa), 2015.

Special Award Best Landscape/Seascape at the 50th Malta National Photographic competition 2015.

Was exhibited at the 50th National Photographic Exhibition from 4th December 2015 until 10th January 2016.

This photograph is the subject of an article I wrote on my Poor Man' s ND Filter technique for the January/April 2016 Issue of Click Magazine, the magazine of the Malta Photographic Society.

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